I use this page to share with you guys what’s new to me and this site. This page is also a replacement for my old About page (you can have a look at my old About page if you wish :D)

Last updated: July-2021

My site

I’ve changed the theme for the first time since I launched the site in 2016. Even though my old theme is premium theme and it’s pretty good, the support has been expired for years so I no longer receive the support from theme developers. I have to pay more for the support or I have to fix the issue by myself. I decided to move the site to a free (yet popular) theme to avoid the headache with the old theme. The drawback is that the free theme has fewer features compared to the premium one and I have to install more plugins or do some CSS tweaks to improve its look and feel.

Let me know what do you think about the new theme by comment below.

Write more posts

I hit some plateau for the last few months. I set writing as the low priority in my list so I didn’t write any new posts for months. I also don’t have ideas to grow my site to have more audience. Anyway, I’m back. Hopefully, I can write more posts.

If you have any ideas for my blogs, feel free to put your comment below.

My personal

I’m still working at Datalogic Vietnam. This is my 8th year. Time flies

I’m still working from home since HCM City is now in lockdown state 🙁

Since my wife is also working from home and my kids are also at home, so my house now becomes a co-working place and it’s a mix of working office, school and kindergarten :D.

I also spend more time doing exercises at home to improve my health. I have had my first vaccine shot and still waiting for the second shot. Hope everything is fine for me and my family. Regardless of where you live, I wish you all the best and stay safe.