As software testing industry keeps changing every day, like any other industries, we all know that doing our best job is not enough to keep up with the change. We need to understand our industry, the market, the trend or how the other testers/testing companies in the world are doing their testing.

State of Testing Report provided by PractiTest is always my go-to when it comes to provide the insight of software testing industry. Actually, State of Testing Report is not something new. If you are in software testing for a while, you should probably know about it because it’s been published consistently since 2015.

The best part of this report is that you can also provide your contribution and be part of the report by taking part in the report survey. The survey for 2023 State of Testing Report is now live as link below.

>>2023 State of Testing Report Survey<<

The survey is very short, 10 min max, completely confidential and of course the report will be sent to you when it’s published.

That’s it. Thank you and wish you a strong successful 2023.