Any suggestion for mobile device testing strategy?

Hi everyone,
In mobile testing, since we don’t have enough budget to buy all device models or brands on the market to test, my questions are:

1)What is your test strategy to test so that we have enough test coverage and avoid missing bugs?

2)What are your criteria to choose device to test?

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Amit,

    I don’t have much experience in choosing environment for mobile testing. From my quick research and my personal experience, I think one of the strategy is to select devices or models having the best market share.
    One of the goal of testing is to reduce the risks of exposed defects to end users. By choosing the models with the best market share, you are reducing this risk.
    Of course, we cannot remove all the risk, we just can reduce the risk and have the action plan accordingly.

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