Application testing vs web application testing

What is the different between application testing and web application testing. What are the important points/ part we should pay attention to when perform web testing?


  1. lanhuynh

    First of all, I think we need focus on testing browser: What kind of browsers that our web app supports? Sometimes, we need to investigate if the bug is browser bug or web app bug. The winform app doesn’t face this issue.
    Next, the performance issue for web application. The Internet speed, the process is running on Server/Client side, how big of the data is, ect…
    And, the automation issue. The control properties in winform application is more stable than web application. We really need to be careful when automating a web app.

    I didn’t see any issue with functional testing now… Any idea, please help!

  2. Thanh Huynh


    I think @lanhuynh gave a good points. The only difference is just the platform. Testing is still testing.

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