I have built and started blogging on this site for around 2 years. While I really do enjoy the blogging journey so far, there’s a problem with me with this site:

My blogging is not consistent

In other words, I can’t always write and publish posts as frequently as I want to be. There are a few reasons:

#1. I have 9-5 job and I can’t find spare time to write. When I find time to write, my boy wants to play with me (or I should say we want to play). Needless to say, some day shitty things happened and they eat up all my time. When I really got time to write, I feel exhausted. I do like blogging, but blogging is not my priority now.

#2. I don’t always have something worth saying. Filling up my website with posts is not my number #1 goal. If I don’t have anything worth sharing, I don’t write.

There are a few other reasons why you don’t see any updates from my site, but basically, they are the main ones.

Some may say there would be no problem with that.

“This is your site and you can do anything with it.”…and I agree. However, here’s another problem:

I have my fans too. By fans, I don’t mean “raving fans” like Justin Bieber’s fans or Messi’s fans. I mean I have visitors visiting my website, read stuffs I wrote and (for some reasons) they love them. Those “fans” also often go back and ask for more posts or ask for answers to their questions…I disappointed them.

Since I don’t want to disappoint my fans and I try to be more helpful, here’s my commitment:

Each week, you’ll receive a curated list of content sharing great posts, resources, tutorial around software testing that I think they may be useful to you. The idea here is simple. As long as the content is good and worth sharing, I’ll share it.

So, that’s it.

Let’s get started with my weekly digest update #1.

State of Testing Report 2017 is Out

If you are in software testing, you’ll definitely keep yourself up-to-date to the current trends in software testing. However, answering the question like “what’s happening in the software testing world lately” is not an easy answer.

Joel at PractiTest and TeaTimeWithTester magazine have conducted survey to testers, managers around the globe to publish a report called “State of Testing Report”. The report shares a lot of insights about software testing world that you don’t want to miss out.

State of Testing Report 2107 is now out and ready for you to download.

>>Download Report<<

Why a what is better than a why!

As a tester, we tend to ask a lot of questions to detect problems in our system and sometimes just to challenge people. For that purpose, starting asking questions sounds like a favorite way…and it’s true. I do like asking questions with why. However, asking why is not always a good thing. Sometimes asking a “What” is more helpful.

Let’s read this story from Geert van de Lisdonk at TestHeader

That’s it for now. I have more posts to share but I want to keep this post as a bite-sized digest.

Enjoy your reading. See you next week

Oh, btw, if you are a tester blogger and have just published a great post, give me shout at thanh[at]asktester.com. If it’s good, I’ll mention it in next Weekly Digest here.