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Stubbing and services tools use for "Integration testing"

There're several tools to visualize services (stubs, drivers) and often use for integration testing. Some of them are purely focus on developers, some of them have GUI and more friendly.
In my experience, I use Mockey ( , it's written by Java and have GUI for easy to simulate, trigger the request to see what my application during test cycles.… Continue reading

Things to consider when starting project with Cucumber and Page Object Pattern ?

Hi all,
I’m trying to build a new framework based on Cucumber and Page Object Pattern. Could you please advice me what’s approach based on your experience before doing automation project like:
– What’s the structure of project?
– How can I organize code to be able re-useable for 2 projects (the framework will be applied for other projects but different step_definitions)?… Continue reading

Cucumber: undefined steps in cucumber-jvm although step is definitely defined.

Hi all,
I'm having problem when executing the test-script which is designed with Cucumber framework with Java.
I have created step following:
Feature: Try to login in Testsite
Scenario: Login Successfully
Given User goes to Login Page
When Enter "//*[@id='login-username']" as "userName"
When Enter "//*[@id='login-password']" as "Password"
And Click "div>button.btn.btn-lg.btn-primary.btn-block"… Continue reading

Agile testing? What is it and what should the QC/testers do in each sprint?

Hi all,
In software development, you might be get familiar with Agile/SCRUM and Agile Testing. As I know, the term Agile typically refers to any approach to project management that strives to unite teams around the principles of collaboration, flexibility, simplicity, transparency, and responsiveness to feedback throughout the entire process of developing a new program or product.… Continue reading

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