How to Collect iOS Device Crash Logs Using iTools

If your program has crashed ( crash – is an emergency completion of the program, when it vanishes from the screen), the iOS device will record crash logs. This information is necessary for developers to find and fix crashes. That’s why it’s very important to provide logs in the found bugs. In this article I will tell you how to collect iOS device crash logs with the help of iTools program.

In case you don’t know, iTools is a tool for managing all iOS devices in a way that is very similar to iTunes, but it adds several new interesting features. iTools is available on OS X and Windows as well. You can download iTools from the following link:


Once you downloaded the build, you can start install the application. The installation process is straight-forward, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty with the installation.

iTools have a set of tabs for working with devices: general information, photos, music, video, ringtones, books and access to the file system. You just simply drag the files to the corresponding tab or open a context menu and choose the option to import.

Collecting crash log from iOS devices

To gather crash logs or to view device logs in the mode of real time, follow below steps:

  1. Launch iTools
  2. Connect the device to the computer. The program will define the connected device. Once connected, you’re ready to go.
  3. Go to the tab “Toolbox”

itool toolbox

4. For viewing and saving logs in real time mode, it’s necessary to launch “Real Time Log”, which is situated in “Advanced features” section.

itool realtime logs

real time log

5. For viewing “Crash logs” it’s necessary to click “Crash log”. You now can view crash logs or move it to a more convenient place to store.

itool real time log

That’s it.

As you can see, the process of collecting logs is quite easy and clear. It’s easy to do this due to convenient and intuitively clear interface. 

The main advantage in comparison to other tools is the possibility of viewing and recording logs in real time, which is impossible with Xcode, for instance. iTools is widely specialized program that allows to satisfy various needs in one place and on different operational systems, in contrast to the Xcode. However, the disadvantage is that it’s impossible to view Crash logs directly in iTools, and one must use third-party programs.

About the author  

Dmitry Radchenko is the test leader of complex mobile applications for TestMatick. He participates in successful integrated performances on testing the software products, and in organizations of both small and large size; passed the way from a common (basic) tester to the software test manager (QA Tester Manager).

Dmitry leads several projects, including his own frameworks for application testing and also assists in testing, written from scratch. His interests are mobile and web projects, process automation and BDD


  1. Prashant Hegde

    iTools is the only option to get real time logs on windows for now. However it is buggy, several times the save option does not work and you lose your logs after the hard work of replicating inconsistent bugs.

  2. Thanh Huynh

    @Prashant Hegde,
    Thank you. The tool still works fine for me. I guess it’s just specific on your device. What device you installed the app on to?

  3. Prashant Hegde

    It happened to me on devices like iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. I feel it is not device specific.

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