HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016 is Now Open (and Tips to Convince Your Boss to Support)

hcm software testing conference 2016

Ding… ding… ding…Passionate testers in Ho Chi Minh, you don’t want to miss this event!

Ho Chi Minh Software Testing Conference 2016 is now open and ready for your registration.

If you are very serious in software testing, this news may be not new to you anymore. But if you haven’t heard about this event or haven’t attended any software testing conference before, keep reading because I’ll share with you some of reasons why you should attend this conference and some tips to help you convince your boss to send you to the event.

Why you should attend a conference?

Reason #1:  It’s a shortcut to learn

This is especially true if you are a full-time tester and you haven’t got much chance to learn new things, new software testing techniques or new practices in your project. By attending conference, you will have a chance to listen, learn and chat with various speakers who have years of experience in software testing. Even though most of sessions at the event are not workshops where you can practice doing things, you can still learn a lot of concepts and ideas so that you can apply to your project where you find fit.

Reason #2: It fixes your procrastination

Now tell me if this sounds familiar to you:

You decided to learn some new testing techniques, tools, practices to upgrade yourself, but years after years you haven’t done it yet?

Sound familiar right? It doesn’t mean you don’t want to become a better tester, it’s just that, just like me…you are procrastinating.

Want to fix this? Buy a ticket and go to conference.

Reason #3: Networking

Some of you may not agree with me on “learning” part of conference, but you would agree with me on this:


Where else you can find more testers than at software testing conference? You may find your potential employers, colleagues and new friends there.

I have shared some of reasons to attend conference…but most of people are still reluctant to join and this boils down to this question:

“Is it worth my time and money?”

I’m not surprised because that’s what I consider too. However, believe me, upcoming HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016 is worth every penny.

What’s special in this HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016?

#1. It’s hard to find a software testing conference in Ho Chi Minh. If you find one, register it.

#2. It’s even harder to find the good ones. The conference is organized by Ho Chi Minh City Software Testing Club (HCMC-STC) which is a group of passionate software testers with commitment to promote software testing to Ho Chi Minh software testers.

#3. James Bach will be there. If you don’t know who James Bach is, you can easily find him the internet. Hung Nguyen -president of HCM STC- also shared reasons why you need to meet James Bach. James will bring to the event with the Keynote: “The Secret Life of Testers”. This is the topic he spoke at STARWEST 2105. If you missed it, this is your chance.

Of course, beside of James’ talk, there are different topics presented by local speakers with years of experience you can choose from.

So, now you like what I’m sharing …“but Thanh, you know what?I can’t afford the ticket :-(“

I hear you…

and here are some tips to convince your boss to support you

Tip #1: Share your boss about the event, software testing topics will be presented at conference, especially topics related to your work or beneficial to your team. You can also offer that you would share with team or report back to him what you learn at the conference. The idea is to put focus on the benefit if you attend this conference, not just for you but the team and company as well.

Tip #2: Tell your boss that the event this time is special because James Bach will be there too.

Tip #3: Convince your boss that you could receive great discount for “early birds” price

I hope those are enough to convince your boss.

What if you still can’t convince your boss?

If you are speaker and want to talk at the event, you can register to be a speaker too. Be hurry!

What if you can’t convince your boss and you don’t want to be a speaker either?

You guess it…Just buy you a ticket 🙂

Best luck to you…and see you there.

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