How do we know if we have enough test coverage?

How to answer this question "How do we know if we have enough test coverage?"
I had this question in my interview yesterday. Thanks


  1. Thanh Huynh


    This question is tough Amit. Anyway, let me try.

    First off, what is test coverage? Basically, test coverage is metric to measure how much you did the test on the system under test. More often, management needs this type of information to see how well the system is tested so that they can make decision accordingly.

    When this type of question asked, you need to know what metric you want to measure the coverage. No, you can’t say: oh, the test coverage is 80%. 80% of what? The better way is test coverage of browsers is 50% (e.g.: we need to test FF, IE, Chrome, Safari, but we only tested FF, IE, so the coverage is 50%). Similarly, you can answer the test coverage of number of executed test cases, test coverage of requirements, test coverage of test types etc.

    Hope it helps!

  2. billienielsen

    The simplest metric is to ask, “when was the last time this joining test honestly fizzled?” If it has been quite a while (there have been a great deal of changes) subsequent to the coordination test fizzled, then the unit tests are likely benefiting an enough employment. On the off chance that the incorporation test has fizzled as of late, then there was an imperfection that was not got by the unit tests.

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