How to improve yourself as a tester?

Software testing is so wide, challenging and…changing.

The only way we must do so that we won't be left behind is to keep improving ourselves to do better testing.

Self-improvement is not an option for testers anymore.

As a tester, how do you improve your testing skills? Is there any favorite recipe to improve your testing skill?


  1. lanhuynh

    I think, just learn, learn and learn… Learn from mistake, learn from co-worker, learn new technical, learn soft skill….

  2. Thanh Huynh


    Yeah. Of course, we have to learn.

    Btw, can you please share what you learn in details? for example, what book you read? What website or online discussion you visit and learn new thing from there? What technical skill you find it important to improve, etc..

  3. Tri Nguyen

    For me, I have a slogan: Embrace Challenge, experience success.

    I always try to join in different projects, as much as I can, more harder, more complex and more challenge.

    For what? –>For learning. But learn what?
    1. Learn more technology, more technical, and improve myself via them.
    2. Learn how to deal with problem, how to handle problem and troubleshooting skill
    3. Learn from others, as much as I can
    4. Learn how to treat with everybody, not only in work but in relationship also.

  4. Thanh Huynh


    Excellent. That’s exactly what I recommend testers doing to improve their skills. However, dealing with challenge or jumping out of *comfort zone* is not an easy task.

    Anyway, embrace challenge and experience new things are definitely good ways to improve skills

  5. SanthoshTuppad

    The beauty of any learning to keep doing better or kick-ass work is PRACTICE. There is no secret ingredient, but PRACTICE. If you practice happiness you will be happy and doing well in life. Its the same thing that goes with Software Testing. I consider myself as a passionate software tester who loves to test software in better way always.

    It could be through reading tech blogs, philosophical blogs and then connect testing software to whatever I read. Its important to have a skill where you can relate things from other profession or study to testing. I focus on finding bugs, test coverage, test reporting, test data generation and more! These activities help me to be motivated and do well as a tester.

    Nevertheless, do what makes you happy! That’s important to rock.

  6. Thanh Huynh

    Thanks Santhosh for great sharings. Reading philosophical blogs and relating to software testing are interesting as well 😀

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