Selenium webdriver for .NET project

Hi asktester,

I am investigating and apply automation testing for my .NET project using Selenium Webdriver (C#). I applied Page Object Model but still have some issues below:

1. I dont know how to manage automated test suite . For java we can use TestNG but seem we can not use it with .NET

2. How can we integrate an automated test suite  to CI server (Team City as my case)?

3. How can we have auto test report?

Could you please help me on 3 question above?

Thanks in advanced.

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  1. lanhuynh

    Hi Kyha,

    I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but here is my idea when doing automated test with .Ne

    In Visual Studio, Microsoft provide us the MSTest Unittest and CodedUI framework. I think it’s similar with TestNG for Java. Please see here:

    For the CI process, the deployment process from TFS can help us to run the automated test before deploying. Please see here:

    About the test report, when running the test with Visual Studio, we have the trx file (in xml format). And we can generate the visual report in html or excel format later. If you want to have the report automatically, I think the MTM can help. Please see here:

    Hope my idea can help you. If you need more information, please discuss in this page 🙂

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