Tell about difficult situations which you have faced when you are a new tester? And how to handle them?

Hi everybody,

When I studied at University, I didn't follow IT major.
However, I have finished a tester course for 4 months.
This September, I will work for IT company with tester position.
I need some advices from senior testers who have more experiences for above questions.

Tks for reading!


  1. Tri Nguyen

    The difficult thing with new tester is how to follow the testing process strictly, keep your passion, learn everyday and you will be fine.

  2. lanhuynh

    In my case, the problem is here: 🙂

  3. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Hyvien,

    Naturally, when you are new, everthing seems more difficult from coporate life, project, product, people to process. However, the good news is that everyone who are senior right now used to a junior tester.

    Sadly, there’s no short-cut. It means that it takes time for you to grow and learn.

    If you haven’t read this blog post, I recommend it because it’s customized to new testers:

    Goodluck and feel free to ask any questions you have while doing testing.


  4. hyvien

    Hi Thanh Huynh & lanhuynh,

    I read them yesterday.
    It’s very essential for new tester like me.
    After reading, I feel more comfortable. <3

    Tks for writting them.

  5. SanthoshTuppad

    We all started somewhere when something was new to us. It could be learning to ride a bicycle or learn to drive. To do it quickly, we need to have love towards what we are going to learn because that adds value and accelerates your test learning.

    Reading technical books or blogs and practicing tech activities can help you become better and world would always want you to be for them as you would be a rockstar tester.

    Not sure if this helps, but sharing the mindmap which can help you being new to testing.

    First Day in New Testing Project –

    Heuristics of learning a product / software –

    And my best wishes to be a great tester in few years or few months. Time is relative, keep rocking!

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