What is difference between quality assurance engineer and tester?

Hi everyone,

Is there any difference between quality assurance engineer and test engineer? My understanding is that QA is bigger and more advanced than testing.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you

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  1. Thanh Huynh


    My answer is Yes and No.

    Yes, in a nutshell, there’s actually a difference between QA and Testing. QA is more about building a process so that people can follow to create good products. Testing is more about exercising the product to evaluate the products to expose the problem or potential problem before releasing to customers.

    No, some companies use different titles even though most of the tasks they do are the same…they just test.

    If you are new to testing, I would recommend you read my post: https://asktester.com/new-tester-stop-worrying-these-things-and-youll-be-fine/ . This may help you avoid worrying about the wrong thing and wasting your time.

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