What will you do when you can't find anymore bug?

You have 10 days (2 weeks) to test a function A, but after many rounds of testing – report and fix bugs, the function seems no issues now and you can't find anything wrong with it while you have 4 days left. What will you do with 4 days left (if you just have this task)?


  1. huydn234

    I think you should:
    1. Change the type of testing:
    When you can’t find any more bugs, you can change the testing type. Maybe your testcases still have some missing cases and if you don’t try to start with another type of testing (eg: automation testing, risk testing, penetration testing, or code investigation…), you won’t know.

    2. Get other ones to test it
    It seems to be the last choice, as when you test the same functions too long, you get acquainted to the functions and reduce the ability to recognize potential bugs. It’s not the same with a new person.

  2. Thanh Huynh

    Very good question.

    There are many things to consider before I submit PTO to have 4 days off.

    1) “after many rounds of testing “, it depends on what you tested in these rounds. If you haven’t performed exploratory test, you should continue performing exploratory testing to find more bugs
    2) Are these testers competent? If you have less experienced testers, testers may find less bugs
    3) What phase is your system current in? If it’s in maintenance phases, chance that there are not so many bugs to be found
    4) Do you trust your gut feeling? If your gut feeling says that “we are good enough”, let’s celebrate

    Any other suggestion?

  3. SanthoshTuppad

    I would ask myself these questions,
    # What’s my test coverage?
    # Am I skilled enough to know whether I have done good or I need someone else to review my work to make it better?
    # There may be bugs in the software (I do not believe in bug-free software), but may be of not that important. Is it good to go ahead with the launch?
    # I like what Thanh says about “gut-feel” concept. I believe in the same too! Yes, its a heuristic again which may be true or may not be true.
    # I would use the software and make notes about emotions I carry through the journey while using the application or software that has been tested.

    Nevertheless, if I still had more days to test; I would come up with test strategy and test mission. I would focus on SBTM covering various activities which could be quality criterion coverage, feature coverage, data coverage etc. (Risk based testing is one thing I can think of and I shall brainstorm and document in mind-map or any other format which helps me to test better).

  4. Thanh Huynh


    Well said

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