Why are developers well paid than testers?

I don’t have any research or number to back up my point, but from my own experience, developers are paid more than testers. I still some testers are well paid but that’s just minority.

Why so? What are your opinions?

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hey Amit,

    Well, I think the reason is that developers are perceived to bring more values than testers. In other words, we may or may not release a product to market without testers, but if there’s no developers, there would be no product to release and there’s not need for testing either.

    Also, in some organizations, development is considered as profit center while testing is cost center. The more we test the more we cost.

    However, at the bottom line, it totally depends on your skills and values you can add to your project/product. I knew many testers are receiving good pay checks too.

    Keep learning and improving your skills, the other things will come later.

    My 2 cents!


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