wrong questions get wrong answersI’ve recently watched “Seventh Son” with my colleagues. The movie was quite entertaining but what impressed me much is what Master Gregory who fights evil spirit told his apprentice “ Wrong question! Wrong questions get wrong answers ” when his apprentice asked a not so good question. This is the golden rule Master Gregory keeps reminding his apprentice because if he asked a stupid question, he would get a stupid answer.

Well, you know what? This is exactly what I want to remind you as testers when asking questions

“Wrong questions get wrong answers”

You even have your problem solved just by asking the right question. However, when you ask the wrong questions (regardless of how well those questions are articulated) what you probably get is just the wrong answers (regardless of how well those answers are articulated). In other words, right answer to wrong question is as wrong as wrong answer to the right question because it doesn’t solve the problem the asker is trying to solve.

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