Continuing CS or changing major

Hi bro,

I got Associate in Computer Science, and finally figure out that this major does not fit to me at all.

First, I am not passionate or any ambitious to it.

Second, It is really a hard major to chew and get along with. I studied very hard to get enough C to pass all CS courses. My professor said if want to be a developer, we do have to be good at math and critical thinking. I think I am not in this category.

But I really don’t want to waste my money and effort that I put all in CS. I am really stressful to thinking about my future then. So what should I do with it? Should I change my major or study another major which is completely different from CS? Now my age is getting closed to 30. I am considering to Information System (more about in Business than in technie).

I really need to hear to your recommendation. Hope I receive yours in soon.

Thank you.

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Vy Vo,

    It’s clearly that Computer Science is not for you because you don’t like it at all. At the age of 30, it’s not too young or too old but you need to think twice before making a change.
    Now the question is that are you sure you like “Information System”? What makes you think it fits you well? What part of it you like it? etc.

    What I’m trying to say that you need to dig deeper and ask yourself more “why” questions until you’re clear what you want in your life.

    Several things you need to keep in mind:
    1) There’s no easy route to go. If you choose your next turn because you think it’s an easy path, you may be wrong
    2) Don’t fall into trap of overthinking. It’s not easy to pick a career path, so just pick one that you think it’s fit and work hard to achieve it and see how things will work out for you.

    I wish you luck and let me know if you have more questions.

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