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Interview question

Asked by: Nghia

Given that you have a list of people and a list of addresses, each address has [person_id] as attribute that links to a particular person. Find the best way to merge the information into just one list

Unit testing

Asked by: Moaz

Hello, how are you?

I am new at testing, am using python lang.

My question is: If i have 2 modules as src
and 2 module as tests

and for example the src_module1 import src_module2.

and in the test_module1 i tested the module src_module1 with covrage about 100%.… Continue reading

Detail about automation testing

Hello Thanh Huynh,

Really nice to see you on the internet, i have a question which i don’t really know the answer.

Now i’m working as a Manual tester, but i’m also learn about the automation.
My colleague help me about learning the automation test which using pycharm and the robot framework (using the selenium library)
But i’m searching on the internet, i see, Selenium is the most popular automation tools, which is different from what i’m studying right now (the robot framework).… Continue reading


Hello Thanh,

I’ve been working as a software tester about 5 years and a half, but I’m a non-IT background person.

I do a manual testing. So my question is: can I go for the CTFL?
And if no? Are there things to do in order to go for CTFL?… Continue reading

Unable to a clear Bug Title


Am Kumar had recently found a bug of a sliding button which gets overlap and doesn’t move after setting the price and when that product option is deselected how do you write the Bug Title for this.


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