Hello Thanh,

I’ve been working as a software tester about 5 years and a half, but I’m a non-IT background person.

I do a manual testing. So my question is: can I go for the CTFL?
And if no? Are there things to do in order to go for CTFL?
And once again, if no, then what are the recommended courses for me? Is there anyway to get a certification in what I’m doing?

I do highly appreciate your help and time!

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Rana,
    Thanks for your question.

    Your question is valid. However, lacking the context, it’s hard for me to give good advice to you.
    Anyway, let me give it a try with a general advice:

    First off, there are some questions you need to answer or find the answer by yourself:

    1) You say you’re manual tester for more than 5 years and you’re non-IT background.
    But what’s wrong with that? Are you doing a great job or not? Do you/your organization have good career path for you?

    2) What is your plan for your career path?
    You need to know what you want to be before you know how to get there.
    I wrote a blog post about career path, you can have a look: https://asktester.com/qa-tester-career-paths/

    3) Since you now know what you want to be by answering question #1, question#2 above, How CTFL certification will be aligned well with your career path or what you want to become.

    The point is that CTFL may have value to one person but not to another.
    For example:
    – For those who have a lot of hands-on experience, they don’t need a CTFL certification to bring them to next level.
    – In some organization/market, they value ISTQB certification but some they don’t value ISTQB certification that much.

    The trick is that you can do some research on the job post of [enter your position you want to become here] in your market to see what kinds of skills/certification employers are looking for or are in hot trend.
    Start from there and you can know what courses you want to learn for you.

    For the online course, you may want to check out courses on Udemy. Personally, Udemy is not famous for its course quality but it’s famous for its diversity or more importantly, it’s dirt cheap. You may want to check it out.

    I wish you luck. Don’t hesitate to let me if you have more question.

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