How to get freelance job as a tester as i am a housewife

I am a housewife. I want to make some extra money in my free time. I have experience in manual testing but worked for a very short period in a software company and then joined as a lecturer in a college for 3 years. Please suggest how can I start a freelancing career in software testing.

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Sorry for late response. I was a little busy. Here are my suggestions:

    * If you want to get started in freelance work. uTest is my number one source I recommend. It’s trust-worthy system and has various types of project you can apply for. You can use your own devices like phones, tablets, laptop to test the projects and earn money. There are many of my friends joined the system and can earn money as freelance. I used to earn money there ( a few hundred bucks, not much actually), so it’s real.
    * Now while freelance is easy to join, it still requires work. How much you earn will really depend on how much time, resource you spare for the projects. If you have more phones with various OS, models you will have more opportunities to be invited for more projects. Similarly, if you have more time, you can test more projects, etc.

    With that said, if you want to start freelance work as tester, I’d say go for it but don’t expect it’s easy because there are now more and more people join.

    I wrote a guide to get started with uTest, you may want to take a look:

    Goodluck to you

    Let’s make some money.

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