QA Engineer and QC Engineer?

Sometimes, someone or some companies misunderstanding between QC and QA. There are two different concepts: QC who controls the quality of product and QA who manages the process to make the process always on track and getting improvement.

But some cases, there are very rare companies, QC and QA play the same role. QC dont do testing, they control developers and and give instruction, consult them to test the product.

How is your company doing? Any sharing is welcome.

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  1. Thanh Huynh


    I can share your confusion about terms and definitions in terms of QC/QA/Testers.

    In general, these terms can be loosely defined as:

    *QA is more about building process to make sure team can build quality product.
    *QC is more about verifying if the product is built as process defined
    *Tester is more about validating and verifying the product to find bugs in the product

    From what I observed, these days companies tend to use these terms interchangeably and things get complicated.

    It’s good to know what is what in testing industry but I’d suggest to skip it because we have so many other things we need to do better instead of distinguishing the terms.

    That’s also what I suggest testers to stop worrying in my recent post (


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