Author: Tri Nguyen

QA Engineer and QC Engineer?

Sometimes, someone or some companies misunderstanding between QC and QA. There are two different concepts: QC who controls the quality of product and QA who manages the process to make the process always on track and getting improvement.

But some cases, there are very rare companies, QC and QA play the same role.… Continue reading

Way to start to learn automation testing?

I'm starting to learn automation using selenium. First I need to know the way to build automation framework. I had a basic knowledge in selenium and java.

Do you have any experience want to share with me or if you are working any real project, do share to me is very appreciated, I will start to learning on it more faster 🙂

Are we being wrong when we says Developers?

Usually, our behavior and familiarly we call a Coder who programs a software is developer, dev… But do you think that way is wrong. Developers in Vietnamese means "người phát triển" and I think that it includes all people who participate into software development process like: coder or programmer, tester, BA, PM, PO, QA…

So, we are being wrong?… Continue reading

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