After execution of test case we must analyze the test result and check the defect detected by tool like Test Complete, tosca tricentis, selenium or other. In the first iteration, we can easily show the failed test steps highlighted in “Red” and the pass Test Steps highlighted in “Green”. However, in the next iterations it’s very difficult to do easily the same analyzes and focus the Tester and Developer attention at “first detection” defects. This last category is highlighted in “Red” with the “already known” defect. Is there any tool, addon, or mean that allow to agreggate test results from one iteration to another and make distinction between “first detection” and “already known” defects ? The idea is to have something like this : “first detection” defects highlighted in “Red”, “already known” defects [because detected by automation tool at the previous iteration] highlighted in orange color for example.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ismail Agr