Hey testers,

Welcome to my first Monthly Software Testing Report – July 2015.

The idea behind this report is to provide a second chance for testers to review some highlights in software testing in the last month. The report also helps busy testers be up-to-date and synchronized with the software testing community without having to follow up daily.

Alright, here we go…


Last July, there are several amazing magazines published for software testing community. Let’s check out some of them

Tea-time with Testers Magazine:

Though latest Tea-time with Tester magazine was published in June, it’s worth introducing in this July report.

Some highlighted contents:

Tea-time with tester

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  • Tea & Testing with Jerry Weinberg
  • Leading the Next Generation of Testers
  • The Thing Called Leadership
  • What Type of Leader Are You?
  • Leading Beyond the Scramble
  • Building & Maintaining A Successful QA Team
  • On Testing Leadership
  • Notes on Test Automation
  • Unleash Your Potential, Unlock Others’ Potential
  • Over a Cup of Tea with Dr. Cem Kaner

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LogiGear Magazine:

LogiGear Magazine in June 2015 is all about API testing. Below is what Michael Hackett said in Letter From Editor:

“Now APIs are a key part of product development, from enterprise to mobile to wearable Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Many new applications are just a combination of APIs, whether you call them “traditional” APIs, web APIs, web services or even Social APIs.”

Let’s check out the Table of Content:

LogiGear magazine

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  • How APIs Are Disrupting The Way We Think
  • Learn API Testing in 10 Minutes!!!
  • Breaking Down a Web Service
  • API and Web Service Glossary
  • API Testing: The Heart of Functional Testing
  • Web Services API Testing Books
  • Solutions for Testing Web Services

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Software Testing Circus Magazine

Of course, we can’t miss out Software Testing Circus Magazine. Here is what they had for us:


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  • Interview with Geordie Keitt by Srinivas Kadiyala
  • How to Test: Browser Compatibility – Mike Talks
  • Challenges in Testing Health Care Applications – Ravi Kumar BN
  • Testing Continuum: from Regression to Exploratory – Alexander Podelko
  • Testers! Time to Shift that Gear – Arslan Ali
  • Moving to Microsoft Test Manager 2015 RC? – Venkat Ramesh & Venugopal
  • A Fake Tester’s Diary, Part – 55
  • DIY: Learn security testing — Quick TIPS! by Santhosh Tuppad
  • SmartBear Offers Free API Monitoring and IoT Testing
  • 10 Popular Tools for Test Automation
  • Amazon Invites Developers To Create Apps For Echo

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State of Testing Report in 2015.

Finally, if you are curious what is the current state of software testing, you would definitely want to check out the State of Testing Report in 2015 conducted by Joel Montvelisky and Teatime with Testers magazine.

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Hot topics and discussions:

Let’s go one round of forum or online discussion to see what hot topics were being discussed.

On LinkedIn, there were two interesting discussions which were received good traction.

You might be a little bit late for “the party” there but going through comments is also worth your effort

Around the blogs:

AskTester Update:

Of course, AskTester was also providing some good stuff for testers (ahem :D)

New blog post: New Testers: Stop worrying these things and you’ll be fine

Some interesting questions raised:

AND. . .

That’s all for Software Testing Report for July 2015. Let’s look forward to next Software Testing Report for August 2015.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t see your posts here, it probably means I have missed your good stuff. Feel free to comment right below to tell me what I missed.

Also, if you are doing really hard to create something cool for testers to read, give me a heads-up at thanh[at]asktester.com, I’ll consider to add it into next month report.

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