Time to test is cut down, what would you do?

Lets say you have a test suite and it takes you an [x] amount of time to execute. Now I have a request to reduce my execution time because we need to release sooner than schedule.

What is your suggestion? Should I ask for more people or just cut down the test?

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your question.

    From my experience, your situation is not uncommon. Under the pressure of release to market, testing time tends to be cut down. The time when testing time is fixed is long gone I think. Testing these days needs to adapt and adjust accordingly to business goal.

    Adding more people is also an option if adding more people does not add more cost to testing. More often, adding more people is a costly solution.

    In order to cut down the test without affecting testing output seriously, I’d suggest the following:

    1) Prioritize your tests. Take a look at your test and prioritize them based on how critical the test case. In other words, ask yourself question “can I still release product if this test case failed?”. if the answer no, that test case is critical, if the answer yes, that test case is not so important and we can test it later or having time.

    2) Communicate your testing output. Dont just cut down the test your silently and create surprise for your managers. Communicate your test planning and output. The goal is to keep manager informed on:
    2.1. What you are going to test
    2.2. what you are not going to test
    2.3. What risk we may have for not run tests

    I’m not sure about your context, my suggestion may be general. Hope it helps

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