World Quality Report 2015-2016 [Free Download]

Hi friends,

This is to update World Quality Report 2015-2016 has been released. You can download the report here:

World Quality Report is a yearly global research about QA and Testing to provide a big picture in the industry. The report is conducted by Capgemini (


  1. Aditya

    @Thanh, very useful. Thank you

  2. Phong Lam

    Hi a Thanh,

    Currently, it is navigated to error 404 “Page not Found” after I click on the link above to download the report. The error occurs because of redundant “https://asktester.comtesting-report-sept-2015/” in the hyperlink. If I remove the redundancy, the link works properly.

    The report is very useful, thank you.


  3. Thanh Huynh

    @Phong Lam

    Thank you for pointing out the problem. I’ve fixed it.

    Glad you see it helpful.

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