Way to start to learn automation testing?

I'm starting to learn automation using selenium. First I need to know the way to build automation framework. I had a basic knowledge in selenium and java.

Do you have any experience want to share with me or if you are working any real project, do share to me is very appreciated, I will start to learning on it more faster 🙂


  1. lanhuynh

    Hi Tri,

    I started using Selenium 3 years ago, but I use Selenium with C# (Visual Studio). I don’t have any experience with Java but I hear that, TestNG is a best framework.
    My experience when learning Selenium is using Selenium IDE to record some basic test cases, and export it to C# language, then try to understand the code. Besides, I join some forums on Internet, ask question about the issue that I’m facing.

    Lan Huynh

  2. Tri Nguyen

    Thanks Lan,

    Lan, do you have any website to practice building automation framework?

  3. Phuoc Nguyen

    There’re many frameworks when deciding to learn Selenium , including Data Driven framework, Keyword driven (Robot framework ), BDD (Behavior Data Driven). TestNG and JUnit are both very popular unit test framework in Java, you can use these frameworks to run your test suites/test case.
    We also have 1 articles about this that you can refer: https://asktester.com/looking-for-good-source-to-learn-selenium/
    Some things that I consider before use framework:
    – The framework adapt my current situation or not? I mean use it for another QC can understand and reusable or just write for run is enough.
    – The language that framework support, you’re familiar or you like it or not?
    Conclusion, my suggest is:
    + Investigating about Page Object Pattern, using JUnit.
    + Moreover , you can think about keyword driven or behavior driven framework (Cucumber , JBehave <- Java)
    For practice you can practice on your current application or can use Gmail to try. 😀
    Hope it helps and happy testing.

  4. lanhuynh

    Hi Tri,

    I don’t get your idea when you said “website to practice building automation framework”. Do you mean a web page that you can practice Selenium? If this is your question, I think http://the-internet.herokuapp.com/ is a good web that has some basic controls for running demo with automated test.

    Lan Huynh

  5. Tri Nguyen

    Thanks Phuoc and Lan for sharing, I will try on them and let you know if I have any more issue 🙂

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