What is the best tool for Mobile Automation on Android device?

We are planning for some automation projects on Android device, but I don’t know what is best tool to automate on Android. It would be best if it’s a free tool.



  1. karlhamilton871

    By searching the internet you will getting what are the best tool for automation on android device.The important tool for a project id the programming language.Here android is the best tool.The available automation tools makes it difficult to select the most suitable ones for a project.1. Robotium Android Testing Tool,2. MonkeyRunner Android App Testing 3.,Ranorex Android Application Testing Tool are the tools used for automation on android.

  2. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Amit,

    @karlhamilton871 gave some good suggestions. In my opinion, there’s no best tool actually but there are good tools in the context. I suggest the following:

    1. Identify what’s your need. What problem you are trying to solve in your automation project.
    2. Do some research to see what are tools out there run on Android device and start using them to experiment. After experimenting, you will have an general idea on what you like or not like so that you can find a tool with more specific requirement in mind
    3. Looking for tool have excellent customer supports. Having excellent customer supports will help your life much more easy and reduce your learning curve effort.
    4. Understand automation framework and how to design a good one. Automation framework sometimes makes or break an automation project.

      Hope it helps!

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