What will you consider when finding a job?

Like the title. When finding a job or change a job, tell us what you will consider?


  1. Thanh Huynh


    Great question.

    To me it depends on what is your goal and context.

    More often the decision is made based on a list of criteria such as:

    1) What new skills you can learn from the new job. If you are new in testing, I recommend you should put this on Priority #1
    2) Salary or Title Priority #2

    Hey, I’m not saying that Salary is not important, but if you have further look, when you have more skills, people will assign you to higher position which means more salary.

    Forget about Title. Title itself doesn’t make sense to me. It’s your job responsibility, what you learn, what do everyday, what you like the job that matter.

    Feel free for further comments

  2. Tri Nguyen

    Yep Thanh.
    Everybody should not say money is not important and I’m working for fun :). That’s maybe a lie.
    For me, when deciding to change a job, I would consider these things:
    1/ Is the new place better than current place (like working environment, team member, how far from home to office)?
    2/ Will I have a bright career path in future ahead?
    3/ What product, application will I work with? Is it familiar and may I adapt it?
    3/ How much money will be increased compares with the current salary and compares with workload will I have.

    Everybody has different reasons to change a job, let’s share.

  3. Thanh Huynh


    You’re right and I think the same too.

    I forgot to mention that in order to avoid disillusion if you have a friend working on that company, you can ask for a recommendation. In some cases, you have to trust your gut feeling about the new job.

    Once you make a decision, don’t look back and be happy with what you chose.

  4. lanhuynh

    Working Environment, new technical for learning, a boss that I’m willing to follow, salary (of course) and benefits besides salary.
    One other thing is the chance for me to be admined from team members – Just joking 🙂

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