I came across an interesting article “The Ultimate Coaching Question” by Madeleine today. Even though the post does not relate directly to software testing, I find it helpful for us testers too.

The post introduces a problem solving technique in which you can solve problem or help people solve their problem just by asking “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”. The question deals with the fact that as human-being we are afraid most of the time:

Afraid we don’t have enough information. Afraid we don’t have enough education. Afraid we aren’t smart enough, creative enough, or simply enough.

Afraid we haven’t gotten enough advice, or the right advice, or advice from the best person. Afraid we will make the wrong decision. Afraid we will make the right decision but our boss won’t like it, or our people won’t accept it. Afraid that our mother, sister, father, or spouse will laugh at us. Afraid that the climate will shift so radically by the time we can get the decision implemented that it will all be moot.

You can read the entire post here