Is ISTQB certification worth it?

Many friends of mine who are testers having ISTQB certification, but I don’t know if this certification worth my money and time to get it.

I also heard people says that istqb only helps you stand out in your CV and find your first job. Is it true?

Those who are certified testers, please help.

Thank you!


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Amit,

    From my experience, certification just help you if you are very new in software testing. Having certification is like having a map or a dictionary at this point. It won’t help you become an expert but it can help you understand what people are talking about in work.

    When you have a few years of experience, certification like that may add less value to you.

    Because I’m not a certified tester, and to be honest, I haven’t been in situation where I need certification to help me in work, I don’t see the value of certification like others.


  2. Thanh Huynh


    Prashant Hegde, a friend of mine, who is not only a certified tester but also has a lot of experience in helping his team pass the exam. In today’s post, Prashant, will share with you 11 tips to prepare and pass ISTQB Foundation Level certification Exam (CTFL) on the first attempt.

    Read the entire guide here:


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