Can you please suggest me the career options for software QA professionals…


Currently I have been working as product test engineer.I have experience in automation as well. I am plan to switch my career as Product Management, Implementation ,Customer service and delivery …

Can you please suggest me the career options for software QA professionals…


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi friend,

    Regarding career options, I’ve recently published a post where I shared possible career paths for testers:

    From your questions, it looks like you want to move to management path, so here’s my advice:

    Managerial path is one of the most popular paths you should definitely consider to follow.

    What’s great about management?

    If you follow this path, you may have titles as Test leader, Test manager, Project manager, QC manager, QA managers, etc. It means that you are now a boss (big or small depends on titles :-). You now have the authority and can build influence in the outcome of your project.

    By following this path, those who used to experience a bad manager in the past will have good opportunity to become a better manager, the manager you always want to be.

    The managerial path is suitable for those who are very good at communication and managing projects. You will need to see things as big pictures instead of worrying that you haven’t found any bugs in a week.

    While the management path is a transition suitable both from technical or non-technical testers, I found that many “technical testers” are not interested in management. I don’t know why…it may be because their brains are wired with technical stuff and they would spend hours of debugging or writing automated scripts rather than 5 minutes talk with management or to handle conflicts between team members.

    Here’s the path:

    Junior tester -> Senior tester -> Test Leader > Test Manager/Project Manager > Test Director > and so on

    How long does it take to get there?

    There’s no exact answer actually. It depends on organizations, your skills and luck sometimes.

    Hope I answer your question.


  2. Amelia

    I agree Thanh. I am working on my communication everyday because I know it is not my strong point. I don’t want to just stay one zone forever.
    Hope I can share my career change in next 5 year here

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