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Hello Thanh Huynh,

Really nice to see you on the internet, i have a question which i don’t really know the answer.

Now i’m working as a Manual tester, but i’m also learn about the automation.
My colleague help me about learning the automation test which using pycharm and the robot framework (using the selenium library)
But i’m searching on the internet, i see, Selenium is the most popular automation tools, which is different from what i’m studying right now (the robot framework).
I don’t know the different between them, and what is the best for me, i think the robot framework must have some limit?
Right now, at my begining i really want to focus on one things. Only the selenium or the robot framework is bettter?
Can you give me some advice – thank you

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your question.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t work with either Robotframe work or Selenium so I cannot give an in-depth answer for you. However, I do a quick search and it’s very likely they are two different things. Robotframework as its name says, it’s just a framework where you can work with other automation libraries. Those two work together and contribute each other. You don’t have to pick either one.

    You can read this post:

    Hope it helps.

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