27 years old NEWBIE

Hi, Im 27. Is this too late to start to be a tester. I’ve been an admintrative for 3 years, and when I tested a web app for my work, the dev staff said:” You should be a tester”. Then I started to think about it. And I really interested when found a bug and give idea to the dev staff to found way to make the app better to use.

But, the problem is, I got no idea about this before. I dont know where to start, and what to learn?

So can you please give me some advice for starting?


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your question.
    I wrote a blog to share about this topic before. You may want to have a read for further suggestion: https://asktester.com/switch-career-to-software-testing-old-non-it/

    To sum up, here are my suggestion:

    * You need to understand “why”. In your question, I’m not sure how much you know about testing or why you want to become a software tester. I hope it’s not because someone says “you should be a tester”. You need to be clear what you really want to do in life. You want to change job because your current job sucks and you just want to escape from it or you think it’s the job you want to pursue for long time. Also, every job has its own value and in order to advance in your career, it would take you time and effort.

    * Your attitude: No discrimination here but starting a new career path at the age of late 20s is challenging. You’ll have to accept the fact that you’re starting late and since you’re starting late, you’ll have to commit to yourself that you’ll have to whatever it takes to shortcut your learning. You’ll have to 2x your effort to learn new things…

    * How: It depends on how your budget (time, money), you can choose the right learning path.
    – You can self-learn (join free online course): This is cheap and for those who have limited time but it’s slow
    – You can register for paid online course: This will cost you some money but (hopefully) it will short-cut your learning and with some practice.
    – You can register to learn some certification in testing like ISTQB. This certification won’t guarantee a job for you but it may you a head-start and basic knowledge

    Above are some of my suggestions. I wish you luck and don’t hesitate to share with me your journey.

  2. Karl Hentschel

    As someone who was first a professional musician, then a music teacher (both using and helping others use tech), and then moved into the corporate world and began testing in my 40s, I can say quite definitively that it is not too late. BUT, I must agree with Thanh. You must have a passion and a drive and a nearly unquenchable curiosity to be a really good tester.

    My opinion of some of the so-called “certifications” is rather low, as the vast majority of people who have these certifications (and little else) can spout definitions and acronyms and buzz words, but don’t really understand about testing. Testing is a hands-on activity and only testing real applications and programs with other testers and developers will get you the experience that you need.

    If you have the opportunity to get that experience with your current company, that would be a great place to begin, since you already understand the area and have some experience, albeit informal. Read, read, read all the testing blogs you can find. You will quickly find testers that will spark your imagination if you truly want to make a move to testing. Or you will discover that perhaps it’s not what you really want. Enjoy the journey!

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