How to get experience in automation testing


I am having experience of manual testing for 3 years .Presently I am not working.I took training in selenium web driver.Now how can I get experience in automation testing?so that I can work on automation testing



  1. Hiep Luong

    How was your training in Selenium web driver?
    After finishing it, what can you demo with Selenium web driver?

    The latter one is the most interesting to me for now. The demo using it helped me got a role in my first automation project. The project didn’t get funded properly to last until now, but I’m pretty confident in the efficiency of the approach, and would definitely apply it in my next automation project.
    I didn’t join formal training in Selenium, but follow several tutorials:

    So the advice is
    > skimming through latest trends/cool techs,
    > take one that interests the most,
    > make a demo with it.

    Doing useful/cool stuffs will get you far, and have fun along the way.

  2. Ankit Dixit


    Firstly, How was your training in Selenium..??
    I suggest you just start with some expert tutorials from after that you can ask your query also there. when I was fresher I have also done this whole process.

    Hopeful this may help you.

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