Would you choose to work in small company or large company?

I have a question, if you were a fresher, would you apply for small company or large company? What is the advantage and disadvantage?


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Lan,

    Thanks for your question and my answer is it depends.

    It depends on your career goal, your short term, your long term goal etc.

    However, I were a fresher, I would choose to work in company where I can learn a lot and improve my skill. With that said, it looks like I would choose to work in small company where I have more opportunity to experience different kind of works.

    Big company may pay you better but more often they have a high expectation of expertise and would like you to focus on doing thing you are good at…and stick with it.

    Anyway, I recommend fresher to focus on learning and look for a long term success.

    Wish you all the best and free free to go back here and let us know how your journey is going.

  2. Richardjh

    There is no right or wrong answer for this because it mainly depends on what you hope to accomplish and how you work best in an organization.

    Advantages of working in a big company:You will have more obvious structure regarding your job,benefits packages will be better,you can switch job without leaving the company.Disadvantages are:Changes will occur slowly,You won’t know all your coworkers.

    Advantages of working in small company: Your success will be visible,Your company is more agile, your responsibilities more varied.Disadvantages:Your failure is visible,benefits packages will be smaller

  3. donaldyates

    I prefer to work in a small company. Because there are lot of advantages in working in the small company. In small company our work schedules are shifted to different departments and we learn about work schedule of all the department of the company. But in a large company, we are admitted in one department and we have to work in the same department for whole duration in which we are there. There are shifting of employees to other departments within the company. So we are bored with same work schedule.

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