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Time flies!

It’s been almost a month since my last July report and now is a good time for August report

Alright, let’s grab a cup of coffee and here we go!

Let’s check out some Takeaways:

Tea-time with Testers Magazine:

Some highlights in this issue:

Over a cup of tea with Dr.Cem Kaner


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Test and Testing with Jerry Weinberg

A new level of Testing

Leading beyond Scramble

Meeting the Fundamental Challenges of Data Warehouse Testing: Part 1

Notes on Test Automation: Test Encapsulation

The Power of Geometry in Testing

Decision Driven Test Management: 6 tips to improve the value of your testing


Professional Tester Magazine:

Some key highlights for Professional Tester – Issue#33 in August:


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How to create GUI test framework

Take a step back – Entry & Exit criteria

Managing resources and continuous testing in a Java migration project

How to achieve requirements testability

Testing Talk (Vanessa Howard talks to Anthony Vallone who is a Google software engineer)


Better Software Magazine

There are many interesting articles in this issue:

Do You Give Your Manager What She Wants or What She Need


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Interview wih Expert (Jeff Patton)

Incorporating User Experience Into Early Agile Cycles

Understanding Test Automation Patterns

Moving Beyond DevOps Hype

Six Ways to Use Business Analyst Superpowers in Agile

FAQ: Does Anyone Really Do All That Is Recommended by the ISTQB Tester Certifications?

Does Your Code Suffer From Broken Windows?


Testing Trapeze Magazine:

Some highlights in this issue:


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What does testing look like without test cases?

Testing Technical Skills: Beyond Automation

Testing vs Checking Applied

Testing Utopia: A Desirable place Where There Is an Ideal or Near Perfect Realm

Turn Up the Good: A Tester Meets Mob Programming


Hot topics and discussions:

Let’s go back to a very basic question yet tough in software testing:

What are your testing goals and objectives?” – From LinkedIn

How do you know the difference between a ‘tester’s defect’ and a ‘real world defect’? – From LinkedIn

Have you ever had bug reports rejected? – From TestHuddle

Spend some time, join the discussion and have your voice. Trust me, you will learn great new ideas from there.

Around the blogs:

How to practice software testing

10 Ways To Initiate Change In An Organisation That Doesn’t Want To Change

5 Steps to Create Good User Interview Questions

They can’t handle the truth

Traditional Test Will Be Dead Soon

To The Hiring Managers and Recruiters (of Software Testers)

AskTester Update:

AskTesterI had an Interview with Pradeep Soundararajan an expert in software testing in which Pradeep shared his experience in software testing and his new journey as an entrepreneur.

There are also some other interesting questions raised at AskTester:

What will you do when you can’t find anymore bug?

Why software testing is often viewed as low-grade when comparing with software development?

When to stop testing?

Way to start to learn automation

How to improve yourself as a tester

Small challenge: How you describe “software testing” to your Grandmom?

Is that all for Software Testing Report for August, 2015?

No, I’m not done yet.

Before you leave, there’s a special event you should be looking forward to in this September. It is:

StarWest Software Testing Conference – September 27 – October 2, 2015


STARWEST is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals—covering all your testing needs with 100+ learning and networking opportunities:

Keynotes featuring thought-leaders in quality assurance and software testing

In-depth half- and full-day tutorials

Conference sessions covering major testing issues and solutions

Enjoy complimentary bonus sessions

Pre-conference training classes

The Expo, bringing you the latest in testing solutions

Networking events including meeting the speakers, the Test Lab, and more!

Read more about the event here: http://starwest.techwell.com/

That’s all for Software Testing Report in August.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t see your posts here, it probably means I have missed your good stuff. Feel free to comment right below to tell me what I missed.

Also, if you are doing really hard to create something cool for testers to read, give me a heads-up at thanh[at]asktester.com, I’ll consider adding it into next month report.

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