Predict issue when investigating requirement

Hi all,

Almost development teams apply the Agile process now, it means that QA/Tester member will join the team when the requirement comes from client. So, my concern is, when investigating the requirement, and you think there is something risk, may cause some bugs when coding the application/system. Should or shouldn't we raise the risk in this phase? Because, there just a risk, and maybe Dev team know their job and nothing happen in the end.

Lan Huynh

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Lan,

    I like the question.

    To answer your question if we should or should not raise the risk, we need to consider what is the role of testing. To me the role of testing is to find any issue that may threaten the quality of system…and risk is one of them.

    Risk will become worse when we assume it’s not a risk :D. My suggestion is raise the risk, bring it to the table to discuss and analyze with Product Owner, Managers, and Team. Not matter what decision is made with the risk you raise, just move forward and you’re done your great job as a tester.

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