Sanity test or Smoke test

Is there any document needed when we do sanity test ?
What is the differences between sanity test and smoke test ?


  1. Thanh Huynh


    From my experience, there’s no significant difference between smoke test and sanity test. They both refer to a test suite consisting of basic checks of a build to see if it’s good enough for further testing. If the build is broken right from this test, we can reject the build immediately and save ton of time.

    Some companies call this BVT (Build Validation Test) or BAT (Build Acceptance test).

    Hope it helps

  2. jamesvasquez

    There are some difference between Sanity test and smoke test.
    Sanity test are narrow regression test focus on some functional area and smoke testing originated in the hardware testing practice for the first time and considering it a success if it does not catch fire and smoke.
    Sanity test are unscripted and smoke test are scripted
    Sanity test is used to determine small section of the application ,but smoke test is used to touch every part of the application
    sanity test check whether the all requirements are met or not .

  3. catherinebruton

    Smoke Testing:
    Smoke testing term came from hardware testing, when you get new hardware and power it on if smoke comes out then you do not proceed with testing.

    Sanity Testing:
    When there are some minor issues with software and a new build is obtained after fixing the issues then instead of doing complete regression testing a sanity is performed on that build. You can say that sanity testing is a subset of regression testing.


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