State of Testing Report 2016: Take the Survey And Get Access to the Report

Hi everyone,

Welcome to 2016 and I hope you had fabulous holidays.

As a tradition, people often make a new year’s resolution, have you made it yet? If not, you can make one here and see if we can achieve it by end of this year 🙂

Anyway, if one of your new year’s resolution is to improve your testing skills, knowledge or know more about current state of testing, I’m very excited right now to share with you an interesting news:

Survey for State of Testing Report for 2016 is now ready for you take part in.

If you don’t know about State of Testing Report, State of Testing Report is an annual report in software testing field and is considered one of the largest software testing reports in the world conducted by Joel Montvelisky at Practitest and Teatime with Testers magazine

The report covers not only highlights of state of testing in a year such as salary information, skills, challenges but also key trends in software testing trends. I read this report last year 2015 and I loved it so much.

…and the best part?

You can now contribute and become a part of this report for 2016 by taking the survey and get access to the report when it’s available.

I already took the survey and you may want to do that too.

[Updated – April 2016] State of Testing Report for 2016 is now available and ready for you to download. Click here to download the report




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    danke für den Austausch.

  2. Thanh Huynh

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